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  1. Flight control: The most important sign that is different from the model aircraft, enables the UAV to complete autonomous flight. The flight control stability and accuracy of Zero Degree Intelligent Control are well reflected in the above cases.
  2. PTZ: the part used to increase the stability of the camera, mainly to examine several performances: stability enhancement accuracy, compatibility, and rotation range.
  3. Camera: At present, the mainstream solution for consumer level is 1080p, and the quasi-professional level can reach 4K.
  4. Image transmission: The main professional indicators investigated are transmission distance, delay and clarity. The transmission distance of HD transmission is longer, the delay is lower and the picture quality of higher resolution is higher.
  5. Battery: The main reason why most drones can only go to the consumer level and cannot go to a higher level is the “pain” point of drones-flight range. If you want to break through the bottleneck on the voyage, you can only start from two aspects, one is to change the energy, and the other is to reduce its own weight. At present, most of the fuel cells used in the field of drones are mainly hydrogen fuel
    The above points are standard skills that most drones are striving to achieve. There are also black technologies mentioned in the media, such as computer vision (CV) and obstacle avoidance.

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