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The in-depth application of video will be the inevitable trend of future security development, and after the camera is equipped, the application market of drones has also seen unprecedented growth.

  1. Drones innovate urban security model
    Applying “aerial photography technology” to urban security management, drones not only replace the laborious, time-consuming, and inefficient “planar inspection” method, improve the level of urban security management and work efficiency, and upgrade urban security work to a technology New height.
  2. UAV becomes the “first person” to attack the crime scene
    Once the video surveillance is given the ability of intelligent analysis, after receiving the information of the designated suspect’s photos, personal behavior, etc., the drone deployed over the city will be able to automatically capture the urban crowd. Once the captured image is captured Video surveillance technology analysis identifies the suspect as a criminal, without ordering, the drone will automatically track the target person.
  3. Air Traffic Commander
    Related forecasts indicate that by 2020, 7 million drones are expected to shuttle over the city to deliver packages, take pictures, inspect infrastructure, or perform search and rescue missions. The UAV market is showing explosive growth, and with the frequent occurrence of black flying and illegal flight incidents, strengthening the management and regulation of low-altitude flight activities has become an urgent need.
    At present, global anti-UAV technologies include: detection, tracking and early warning technology, damage technology, jamming technology, camouflage deception technology, mainly used in military and national defense, commerce (public places, critical infrastructure, home), and homeland security. It is widely used in major assembly security, prison defense, military base defense, airport airspace supervision, border drug patrol, and anti-terrorist operations.

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