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  When choosing the cheapest drone, it may be easier for you to understand the market for cheap quadcopters at the toy level. What do I need to fly a quadcopter?

  The first problem I encountered when diving into the drone market was to find out what I needed to fly. As the editor knows from previous RC car experience, the remote control does not always accompany the remote control car. In short, most cheap drones are equipped with a dedicated remote control, while those without drones are designed to run using connected apps on smartphones or tablets.

  Please verify in the product list whether the product you are considering comes with a remote control, or please read this article carefully, the editor will share some editors knowing that you have a drone that can be used directly out of the box.

  The editor strongly recommends that you choose at least a set of additional propellers for the drone of your choice, as well as the tools needed to replace them in the event of a failure. It is wise to choose a drone with a protective device, which can limit the damage to the aircraft and the personal injury or property damage caused by awkward flight and landing.

  You may get about 5 minutes of flight time from a cheap drone. When using the blade protector, the time will be quickly reduced, and the operation of the connected camera will be faster. Although many cheap drones skip the camera, this may not be a problem.

  You can choose to skip the extra battery. To be honest, if the drone only flies for 5 minutes, it needs to be charged for 90 minutes, which is very unacceptable.


  As with any electronic device, there are some things that can help improve the experience. The editor has already considered, from basic cables to accessories, additional batteries and propellers all the way to safety vests and launch pads. These are the accessories I think you need to make the most of your drone.

  Forward, backward and back

  As you search for cheap drone products at any time, you will come across more terms. As you can imagine, flying a drone is much more difficult than your ordinary remote control car. The latter forwards and backwards, you can turn, so that the forward takes you into a new direction. The quadcopter is another story, it does have the ability to turn, called yaw, but it also moves sideways and on the third axis of travel, it moves up and down.

  Although the drone is still moving forward and backward, in most controller configurations, the same joystick, when pushed to the side, will cause the quadcopter to move sideways. The editor is not saying that it will turn to the side. This is another option for the joystick. What I mean is tilting to the side, causing it to move horizontally, and it moves laterally.

  This is why you should start with a cheap drone and learn to master the basics of flying, yaw and pitch (control to move forward and backward) may hit it on a tree as often as you do…

  Going back, this is a liar mode that can help your ability to fly. Instead of flying your drone out, figure out how to safely steer it and fly it forward back to your position, the headless mode allows you to see either side of the drone as the front. When all you need to do is press or pull the joystick relative to the direction you want the aircraft to travel, the entry barrier is much lower.

  Let the editor explain again. In traditional flight, when you tell it to push forward, your quadcopter will push the joystick forward. Pulling the joystick to the left turns the drone to the left, and then turns the other joystick, which actually turns the nose of the drone to the side. In fact, if the drone has rotated 90 degrees, the left side on the controller will actually move the drone toward or away from you. In this case, the joystick will launch the drone to the side compared to the current position. You must be able to determine which direction the drone is facing and adjust the joystick movement accordingly.

  In headless mode (also known as unprotected mode), no matter which direction the drone is facing, the drone will move relative to your position. So, push the joystick up to move the drone away from you, and pull it back to bring the drone back. This way you can spin your drone frantically without any worries, because it is always on your right. Remember, it only works when the drone stays in front of you, if you turn by yourself, the direction will turn accordingly. Just log in and recalibrate to face the new direction.

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