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At present, Meituan UAV has opened 8 UAV takeaway routes in 4 business districts in Shenzhen; July 8 this year , At the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Meituan officially released its drone delivery plan.
So, how is drone delivery delivered? It mainly includes three parts: unmanned aerial vehicle, cloud dispatch system, and automated airport. For users, there is not much difference between ordering takeaways in peacetime. In August of this year, a reporter from Shenzhen Commercial Daily found during the experience that there was no difference in delivery fees between drone delivery and rider delivery. The rider needs to play the role of the cargo loader, go to the merchant to pick up the cargo, and deliver it to the drone equipment at the take-off point.

After the goods are packed, under the control of the cloud scheduling system, the drone will deliver the goods to the automated airport in the community according to the planned route. The goods will be delivered to the self-pickup cabinet under the airport. The user can use the mobile phone QR code After picking up the goods, the drone returns along the original route.

There are two benefits that consumers can directly feel. One is that the drone can take out goods quickly, and they can rest assured that they need to be delivered immediately; the other is that they can enjoy the takeaway service at night or under the epidemic situation. However, there are also many concerns about UAV delivery, such as high thresholds for operation and maintenance management capabilities such as background scheduling, complex urban layout, and inability to operate in rainy and snowy weather.

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