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  Winter is here, so we must fly with caution

  As we all know, drones are flexible and efficient, and can quickly reach areas that are hard to reach for inspection. They are a good helper for inspection operations. However, in the cold winter, it is not easy to use drones for inspection operations. If you are not careful, you may lose a set of precious drones. Therefore, operating and maintaining drones in ice and snow also have different opening methods.

  Next, I will start with several drone parts that are susceptible to temperature, and teach you some winter insulation skills. UAV manufacturers

  frost and icy paddle

  The icing of the blade destroys the original aerodynamic shape of the blade, reduces the flight efficiency of the rotor, and seriously affects the safe flight of the UAV, which is prone to safety hazards.

  In the case of high air humidity, even at minus 2-3 degrees, the high-speed rotation of the drone blades will cause frost on the surface of the blades; if the temperature is minus 10 degrees or lower, it may even cause The blade is icing.

  When frost or icing occurs on the blades, a screen interface may appear to prompt the motor to be saturated or to trigger an automatic landing. In severe cases, it may cause a crash due to insufficient power.

  1. The icing of the blades will reduce the efficiency of the propellers and require a larger current to maintain the flight, but when the current is too large, the aircraft will trigger the automatic landing protection mechanism; UAV wholesale

  2. When the current of the aircraft motor increases, the rotation speed does not increase, indicating that the rotation of the motor blades has become difficult. Combined with the flight environment, it indicates that the blades are icing, which affects the motor speed, and the system prompts power saturation.

  Battery life issues

  It is inevitable that lithium battery life will become shorter in winter. Too low temperature will greatly reduce the efficiency and activity of the battery, which will affect the normal operation of the drone.

  1. Some industry drone batteries have self-heating function, which can heat the battery before flying to ensure safe flight. The following uses the Royal 2 industry version battery as an example to illustrate the usage method;

  2. The self-heating function uses its own power to heat the battery, and not all drone batteries have a self-heating function, so you can use heating devices such as baby warmers and hot water bottles to preheat the battery. However, it must be noted that many warm babies contain metal components, which may affect the signal, and may not stick firmly in the air. It is not recommended to use in flight; drone companies

  3. When using the drone at sub-zero temperature, it is first recommended to set the low battery alarm value to 50% to ensure that the drone will not be dangerous due to a sudden drop in the air. It is recommended to let the drone hover at low altitude for one minute to observe the situation .

  Camera is fogged and damp

  Drones and cameras will definitely have this kind of condensation from cold to hot or from hot to cold. The biggest danger of condensation is actually inside the device, so it is best not to fly when the temperature difference is large. .

  For example, putting the drone just after the flight into a warm car or a room with air conditioning and heating may cause the drone and the camera to become foggy and damp, and the lens will fog up the next time even when flying on a sunny day It affects the shooting, and in severe cases, it may even cause water in the drone’s motor to become unusable.

  It is recommended to store the aircraft in a dry box after each operation in winter or wet weather to prevent the drone from getting wet and fogging.

  If the camera has been damp and cannot be used normally, you can place it on the air outlet of the dehumidifier and blow it for about half an hour to alleviate the problem. If the machine is not used for a long time, pay attention to regularly energizing the machine to achieve the purpose of dehumidification.

  Mobile equipment insulation

  The high-brightness screens of our mobile phones, tablets and drones may suddenly shut down at low temperatures, so if you don’t have the confidence to fly blindly in winter, remember to keep our phones warm. If you find that the temperature of the mobile device is very low, you can also use the warm baby for heating and keeping warm. It is best to prepare a spare mobile device for emergency.

  Flying hands keep warm

  The battery life is short if the battery is not kept warm. If the pilot does not keep warm, his body will suffer.

  1. The pilot needs to be equipped with sufficient warmth and windproof and other labor protection supplies when working on the spot to ensure that his hands and feet are flexible and his mind is clear;

  2. When flying in bad weather such as icing or snow cover, due to the relatively large light reflection effect, it will cause serious damage to the pilot’s eyes. Goggles can be equipped to solve this problem;

  3. The control feel of the pilot will decrease. Without gloves, the hand will affect the flexibility of the fingers due to the low temperature and cannot keep up with the reactions of the rudders in time; wearing gloves will also affect the feel.

  Recently, most parts of the country have experienced large temperature changes. In some places, they even change from autumn to winter overnight. During this period, pilots should also pay attention to the “warmness” of themselves and their aircraft to prevent accidents.

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