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Let me talk about the performance parameters firstly. Many novices don’t know how to choose drones. The main reason is that they don’t know what indicators are important. In my experience, I think below these aspects more important:

1. Image transmission scheme

The image transmission solution refers to the real-time transmission of the pictures taken by the drone on the gimbal camera to the ground equipment for real-time monitoring on the ground. The current image transmission solution of DJI is mainly divided into wifi technology, LightBridge image transmission technology, and OcuSync image transmission. technology.

2. Obstacle avoidance function

Obstacle avoidance technology, as the name implies, is the intelligent technology for drones to avoid obstacles autonomously. Obstacle avoidance technology can greatly reduce the damage and accident rate caused by operating errors. This is a very important and necessary function for novices, which can greatly reduce the probability of novices bombing.

3.Battery capacity

The endurance time determines the flight time. The endurance time of DJI consumer drones is basically about 30 minutes, but this is not equal to the flight time. During normal use, you need to search for satellites, debug, and take off. Then, you need to observe the shooting angle, and finally return it, so the actual shooting time is only about 25 minutes. Therefore, it is best to bring a few more batteries when flying.

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