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Disaster early warning, aerial remote sensing, forest fire fighting, maritime search and rescue, power grid inspection and monitoring… With the accelerated development of China’s drone industry, drones have increasingly become an important force in China’s aviation emergency rescue system.

China’s firefighting forces are facing increasingly complex fire fighting and emergency rescue situations. At this stage, the common functions of UAVs in the field of firefighting still have certain limitations and need to be gradually improved in combination with practice. With breakthroughs in new technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, new energy, new materials, and artificial intelligence, firefighting drone systems are becoming more mature and will better achieve scientific fire fighting and scientific rescue. At this stage, we are carrying out product testing of hybrid fixed-wing, helicopter and other power sources, fuel power, tethered power supply and other power sources. In the future, we will continue to improve test conditions and capabilities in conjunction with standard formulation to ensure the quality of products for firefighting teams.

Nie Sun introduced the use of drones on the ocean, such as searching and locating shipwrecked ships and missing persons at sea; confirming the quality and area of ​​pollutants appearing on the sea surface; conducting preliminary life-saving equipment and food for people in distress at sea. UAVs can play a huge role in delivery and so on.

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