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LED Desk Lamp,Brightness Adjustable, Wireless Charger,Touch Control

Date:2018/10/8 19:38:38      Click:
  • Model Number:   BC-05
  • Material:   ABS
  • Input:   5V/2A
  • Output:   5V/1A
  • Charging Distance:   <8mm
  • Charging Efficiency:  85%
Product Introduction

LED Desk Lamp, Table Lamps, Brightness Adjustable Office Lamp with USB Charging Port, Qi Wireless Charger, Touch Control, 4 Color Modes, Timer, Night Light (Black)


Adjustable Light Color Modes 
Different color modes can be adjusted using the touch button: Natural Light, Cool White, Warm Yellow, Yellow

Rotating Head Lamp Angle 
The head lamp can be rotated to the perfect lighting position

Smart Desktop Charger 
The desk lamp base can charge your smartphone and usb devices using the USB Charging port or it can charge using Qi wireless charging for Qi-enabled smart devices

Less Stress On the Eyes 
Adjustable brightness setting and color modes for reading, working, and studying.

The LED Desk Lamp uses power-saving LEDs that have a 50000-hour lifespan and can last over 20 years. You'll never have to change a bulb again, saving time and money

Touch Controls 
Easy to operate using 6 touch-sensitive buttons

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