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How does wireless charging work ?

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                                                                   How does wireless charging work ?

Broadly speaking ,there are types of wireless charging as below :

charging pads that use tightly-coupled electromagnetic inductive or non-radiative charging;charging bowls or through-surface type chargers that use loosely-couples or radiative electromagnetic resonant charging that can transmit a charge a few centimeters; and uncoupled radio frequency (RF) wireless charging that allows a trickle charging capability at distances of many feet.

Both tightly coupled inductive and loosely-coupled resonant charging operate on the same principle of physics:a time-varying magnetic field induces a current in a closed loop of wire


It works like this :A magnetic loop antenna(copper coil) is used to create an oscillating magnetic field,which can create a current in one or more receiver antennas.If the appropriate capacitance is added so that the loops resonate at the same frequency,the amount of induced current in the receivers increases.This is resonant inductive charging or magnetic resonance; it enables power transmission at greater distances between transmitter and receiver and increases efficiency.Coil size also affects the distance of power transfer.The bigger the coil,or the more coils there are,the greater the distance a charge can travel.


In the case of smartphone wireless charging pads ,for example,the coppe coils are only a few inches in diameter,severely limiting the distance over which power can travel efficiently.